Allied Health Care Professional Week From November 1st to 7th

When Nova Scotians are cared for by an untold number of health care professionals. Nurses and doctors are often the health care workers that are portrayed in the media, but behind the scenes, there are a vast number of health care professionals who provide a multitude of diagnostic services. These services provide invaluable information to ensure timely and proper treatment. We saw, for example, just how critical our laboratory technologists are during the third wave of COVID when they were called on to process thousands of tests each day.

The NSGEU proudly represents thousands of allied healthcare professionals, working in over 140 different occupations, committed to delivering quality care to Nova Scotians every day. Many of these professionals will never be seen by the patient or their families, but you are all a vital part of delivering quality care.

We know the incredible stress and strain you are under right now. You are working shorthanded and sometimes you may feel that your contribution to our health care system is unappreciated. We want you to know that you are appreciated and that we know your work is absolutely vital to the day-to-day quality of healthcare for all. We thank you for the work you do.

We wrote to Premier Tim Houston, asking that he formally proclaim the first week of November Allied Health Care Professionals Week in Nova Scotia, on an ongoing basis. He has obliged, and we received the official proclamation on October 28th, 2021.

We are pleased that there will now be a formal week every year, designed to acknowledge the importance of the work you do on behalf of all Nova Scotians.

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