ATTENTION – Local 92 members (Dal’s Agricultural Campus) covered by Local 77 collective agreement

Attention all Local 92 members (at Dalhousie Agricultural Campus) who would like to appeal their Local 77 job evaluation result

You received a letter dated August 25, 2015 advising you of your right to appeal your Local 77 job evaluation result, where to access information, and the process to be followed. The Local 92 MOA provides for a two level appeal process; the first under the Local 77 collective agreement and the second with an outside adjudicator outlined in the Local 92 MOA.

This is a reminder that you have 30 calendar days from receipt of the notification to appeal your job evaluation result. Therefore, you should initiate your appeal by September 25, 2015.

Under the Local 77 collective agreement, a Local 77 member has been appointed to receive the point scores for your position and the rationale for the points assigned (called the “substantiating data sheet”). This information is confidential and not available to you, but the Local member who receives the information can provide you with some advice on your appeal. His name is Angus Macpherson and can be reached at 902-494-3238,

Please note that employees who are on the Local 92 “grandparented scales” do not have the right to appeal their job classification under the Local 92 MOA.

You can contact Tina Webber at or 1-877-556-7438 if you have any questions.

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