Department of Community Services Essential Skills Survey

Recently, some members of the civil service received a survey from management asking whether they had certain essential skills which might be used to help government deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Specifically, this survey asks whether people have backgrounds in social work, nursing, occupational therapy and so on.

In these very difficult days, it is reasonable that the Government of Nova Scotia try to identify anyone who is able and willing to offer essential services during this crisis. It is the Union’s position that filling out the survey is voluntary. However, the NSGEU does encourage members in all sectors to help where they are able, where they are willing and where they feel safe to do so. The Union is also in discussions with the employer about how it intends to employ members who are able and willing to assist.

If you have any questions, lease contact the NSGEU Labour Resource Centre at 902-424-4063.

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