Expression of Interest (EOI) for NSGEU IWK Nurses: Labour Management Committee Membership

NSGEU is looking for IWK nurses who are interested in becoming members of the new Labour Management Committee. This is an exciting opportunity to work towards improving our workplaces and work lives!

Article 28 of our new Collective Agreement, which came into effect yesterday (January 30, 2019), stipulates there will be a Labour Management Committee composed of members from both unions who represent IWK nurses. This Committee will be made up of up to seven (7) representatives from the IWK Health Centre (1 from NSGEU, 6 from NSNU).

The committee will be reviewing, drafting and implementing solutions to everyday work life issues faced by nurses at the IWK. Issues reviewed could range between any of the following:

  •          Staffing
  •          Orientation
  •          Workload
  •          Scheduling
  •          Transfers
  •          Reassignment
  •          Scheduling difficulties created by short-term and long-term absences
  •          Duty to accommodate process
  •          Work situation reports, as per Article 17

Committee meetings will likely be daylong and take place at least 4 to 10 times annually. Time off and kilometrage will be paid.

If you’re interested in becoming a committee member, please contact our health care Director of Servicing and Negotiations, Jo Ann Bailey, at

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