Healthcare Survey: Have Your Say!

As part of the planned restructuring of the District Health Authorities, the government announced in early July 2014 that they were seeking additional input from Nova Scotians through an online survey.

We encourage all members – not just our health care workers – to take a few moments to fill out the survey, which consists of just three questions:

  1. In your view, what’s the best way to ensure local voices are heard?
  1. The health needs of every community differs. How can we best respond to changing health needs?
  1. What’s the single most important initiative needed to build a healthier community?

You can fill out the survey by visiting

The government says the input collected via the survey “will help to further inform our consolidation plans … We are building a system that values local input and healthy communities.”

Let’s make sure we take this opportunity to have our say! 

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