Local 39 – Home Support – Inverness County: Holiday Article Application

Dear member,

Recently, the union had the opportunity to meet online with members of the bargaining unit to discuss the application of the Holiday Article.

In follow up to that meeting, we would like to clarify to members how the language will be applied on a go-forward basis.

The paid Holiday hours members are entitled to under Article 13.01 will not be smoothed into your regular work schedule.

The Employer will schedule people normally on a week with a Holiday and people will get the additional Holiday pay (plus time and a half on hours worked if you work the actual holiday).

Article 13.06 speaks to the Employer making an effort to schedule two days off on the actual day of a Holiday. When that occurs, Employees will be scheduled off and get paid their holiday pay for that day.

We also had a conversation about banking Holiday pay to be taken off at a later time. To be clear, in the current language of the collective agreement, the option to bank holiday pay is only specific to those employees who work the day of the actual holiday. If you do not work it, the Holiday pay will be paid out.

Thanks to all who attended the quickly called meeting. Please feel free to contact your ERO Corry Mac Kinnon if you have any questions: cmackinnon@nsgeu.ca or 902-424-4063

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