Local 39 – Inverness County Home Support: MOA #1 Working Group

Dear member,

Recently, your Employee Relations Officer Corry Mac Kinnon met with your local executive in regards to the Memorandum of Agreement #1 (see below).

As per the MOA, a working group will be established to discuss workplace issues in relation to current collective agreement language and determine if we can agree on possible solutions to those issues .The Union is currently awaiting confirmation on a meeting date with your employer.

To prepare for this meeting, the union is seeking feedback from employees about any current issues related to the administration of the collective agreement that should be brought to the committee for discussion.

Your union would like to prepare discussion points and possible solutions to take to the meeting based on the feedback received.

Members are asked to email your ERO or a member of your local executive with any issues and concerns that you feel should be addressed:

Corry Mac Kinnon, Employee Relations Officer, cmackinnon@nsgeu.ca

Donna MacLellan, Local President, donnamaclennan@hotmail.com

Arlene Ragan, local Vice President, Ragan4594@gmail.com

Joan MacLeod, Chief Steward, rustymacleod@hotmail.com

Once your issues have been compiled and a committee meeting date set, a local meeting will be scheduled to further discuss our plans for the meeting.



Re: Committee to Review Collective Agreement Issues

Following April 1, 2021, the Employer and the Union agree to establish a temporary working group to review issues arising out of the administration of the collective agreement from the date of ratification. Issues to be discussed by the working group may include, but are not limited to, Hours of Work, Travel, Job Posting, and Leaves of Absence.

Should the Union and the Employer mutually agree that proposed solutions to the issues discussed by the working group be implemented, the Employer and the Union may agree to a change in practice or a Memorandum of Agreement if required.

Meetings will be attended by the chief negotiators of each party, either negotiator may request the assistance of Labour and advanced education to assist with relations and discussions or facilitation of the working group meetings.

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