Local 78B – Stock Transportation Important Notice from NSGEU

Attention members of Local 78B,

We are hearing that Southland Transportation and/or Student Transportation of Canada are, or will be coming forward soon with offers of employment for current employees of Stock Transportation at the Halifax Regional Centre for Education.

We are asking you NOT to sign any employment commitment with these companies at this time.

We need to wait for two things to happen before we would advise you to sign any offer of employment:

  1. The agreements must be formalized with both of these companies, Southland Transportation and Student Transportation of Canada, which respect and protect your current collective agreement and your workplace rights;
  2. The current layoff process to take place at the end of the school year or July 1st, 2020. We expect the layoff process will be done in a fair and consistent process in accordance with your collective agreement.

Please continue to gather and exchange information about the companies, with a mind to decide which company you would like to work for, but again, do not sign any commitment or offer of employment.

If you do receive an offer of employment, please forward it to your Employee Relations Officer, Lloyd Samson at LSamson@nsgeu.ca and ask the providers to contact him at the NSGEU through his email or by calling us at 902-424-4063.

Thank you for your patience and your solidarity at this difficult time. Thank you as well for your commitment to the work you do and please watch your email for further updates.

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