Local 87 – Parkland at the Lakes: Bargaining Update

Good afternoon,

Your bargaining committee met with the employer today for the sixth day of bargaining since February.

Today, the employer presented their counteroffer to the union’s proposals on the monetary issues. The employer’s counter proposals were a “packaged deal” that contained no significant gains for benefits or wages.

Your bargaining committee felt extremely disrespected with the counter proposals tabled by the employer today. Your committee members recognize that bargaining unit members continue show up for the employer and clients during this pandemic, often requiring taking public transportation and risking their own safety, to ensure they meet the needs of the clients of Parkland on the Lakes as our Province battles the third wave of COVID-19. They felt the employer’s offer today was an insult to the contributions you have made in your workplace and communities throughout this challenging time.

As a result, your bargaining committee responded that they felt we have reached an impasse with the employer while we contemplate next steps.

If you have any questions about the bargaining process or next steps, please to contact a member of your bargaining committee, and stay tuned for further updates.

Trish MacDonald, Chief Negotiator 902-424-4063 tmacdonald@nsgeu.ca

April Sampson 902- 220-1576 themilletts21@gmail.com

Stacie Chatterton 902-414-5768 staciechatterton@gmail.com

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