Locals 34 & 41 Northwood: Retro Pay Update

Dear member,

It has come to the union’s attention that the retroactive payment owed to you, based on a recently signed MOA, will not be paid until October 2022.

After years of wage restraint, working through a global pandemic, and in the face of rising inflation and increased cost of living, the union believes this extended wait for members is unacceptable.

The union has written to the employer to express our frustration with this delay and request a meeting to discuss what options are available to resolve the issues with the payroll system so members can be paid the money they are owed in a more timely manner.

In the mean time, if you have any question related to the delay in this retroactive payment you are encouraged to reach out to your HR representative in your workplace.

The union will keep you updated on our letter and any response from your employer.

(Click here to view and download the letter)

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