LPN Reclassification Ruling Clears Important Hurdle

Good afternoon,

I am very pleased to report that this morning the NSGEU received an important decision from Arbitrator Bruce Outhouse on the long-standing Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) reclassification appeal.

Mr. Outhouse has found in favour of the NSGEU. He has determined that the role of the LPN has been substantially altered since 2011. This is a significant ruling and clears an important hurdle in the NSGEU’s fight to have LPNs properly compensated for the work they do.

This ruling is a victory for all the nurses who have been fighting long and hard for this reclassification. It is a result of the tireless work of the LPN reclassification committee and all the LPNs who acted as witnesses during the hearing.

But our fight isn’t over, yet. The issues of appropriate pay and retroactivity must now be decided.

Now that it has been determined your jobs have been substantially altered, the union and the NSHA will now attempt to determine a salary commensurate with the substantial alteration. The union has been with the LPNs every step of the way, fighting for wages that properly reflect your new duties. We will see this through to the end by advocating for a fair rate of pay.

If the NSGEU and the NSHA cannot come to an agreement on a fair rate of pay, the issue will need to go back to an independent arbitrator to make a final decision. This will take time, however, the NSGEU is writing to the NSHA legal counsel today to attempt to expedite this process. We will keep you up-to-date on any developments.

It is important to note that this decision was based on a grievance that applies to LPNs employed by the former Capital District Health Authority. That is because the NSGEU filed the grievance several years ago under the old Local 42 Health Care collective agreement in place at the CDHA. However, it will be the position by all unions representing LPNs that any changes to the rate of pay must be applied to all LPNs in the province.

I want to thank everyone who has been involved in this process for their ongoing support and patience. This has been a long, difficult road, but we’re walking it together!


In solidarity,


Jason MacLean

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