Dear members,

Firstly, we, the members of your Executive Committee of the NSGEU would like to thank you all for continuing to provide services, where possible, during this uncertain time. The dedication and commitment to your fellow Nova Scotians is not going unnoticed and is much appreciated.

Unfortunately we continue to have increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in our province.

Because of this, the Executive met (by phone) on March 28th and have made the difficult decision to extend the cancellation of all NSGEU events until June 1st. It was originally set at April 16th but we see a longer time is needed to keep people physically apart in order to gain control over the spread of this virus.

This cancellation includes all Council, Committee, and Local meetings as well as Education Programs, including our Labour School (Weeklong School) which was scheduled for May at St. F.X.

We are encouraging your Local Executives, Councils, and Committees to use technology to conduct any meetings at this time. Please watch your emails for any information about these and try to attend where possible.

We’ve been working closely with other unions, employers, and government through this difficult time and advocating for your safety whenever there is an issue. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have workplace safety issues and/or ideas on how to improve your safety and the safety of the public. Thank you again for all your work and your dedication to the services you provide to Nova Scotians during this stressful time.

Please watch your email for more updates. We will circulate information we think can benefit you when it comes available. Also consider joining our Facebook page and checking our website from time-to-time for bulletins and links to information we might recommend.

Take care of each other and be safe. We are in this together.

In solidarity,

Jason MacLean, President, NSGEU

Sandra Mullen, 1st Vice President

Darren McPhee, Secretary-Treasurer,

Tammy Gillis, 2nd Vice President

Melissa Marsman, 3rd Vice President

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