NSGEU Re-Opening Plans

Dear members,

The Executive Committee of the NSGEU would like to thank you all for your commitment and dedication to following the health guidelines in your daily work and personal routines. The combined efforts of Nova Scotians fighting back against the COVID-19 virus has put us into an enviable situation to ramp up operations across the province.

The Executive has made the decision that EFFECTIVE JULY 2nd, 2020:

  • The NSGEU office at 255 John Savage Avenue will be open to certain member meetings/activities with a main floor capacity limit of FIFTY (50) individuals and social distancing within each room. The activities are:
      • Local Bargaining, Negotiations, Arbitrations, and Grievance hearings;
      • Local meetings limited by room size and local participation and the cap of 50 members for the floor;
      • Provincial Committees and Councils, and;
      • Education programs.
  • The NSGEU meeting spaces at the Sydney, Truro and Yarmouth locations will be available by reservation only. Each location will follow social distancing guidelines with limited capacity of 10 or less. Please contact us to reserve your meeting time. Members will be responsible for wiping down the areas they have been using in the office before they leave, as the office is only cleaned on a weekly basis.
  • The Executive is encouraged by feedback we have received from NSGEU members who have been using online meeting platforms for their Local Executive, Local, Councils, and Committees meetings. Given the social distancing and room capacity issues, these online meeting platforms are a great option to stay connected to your NSGEU Sisters and Brothers. Since the province is still recovering and the short-term future situation is still unclear, we all need to be vigilant and supportive of each other even as we move ahead.

The NSGEU continues to work closely with other unions, employers, and government through this difficult time, advocating for your safety. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have workplace safety issues and/or ideas on how to improve your safety and the safety of the public. Thank you again for all your work and dedication, and for the valuable services you provide to all Nova Scotians.

Please watch your email for more updates. We will circulate information we think can benefit you when it comes available. Also consider “liking” our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/nsgeu) and checking our website (www.NSGEU.ca) from time-to-time for bulletins and links to information we might recommend.

Take care of each other and be safe in your choices.

In solidarity,

Jason MacLean, President, NSGEU

Sandra Mullen, 1st Vice President

Darren McPhee, Secretary-Treasurer

Tammy Gillis, 2nd Vice President

Melissa Marsman, 3rd Vice President

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