NUPGE 2023 Scholarships Open

Online applications for the National Union 2023 Scholarships are now available. The webpage outlines the unique entry requirements for each of our scholarships.

Please note that some criteria for scholarships have changed. The qualifications required for the Scholarship for Indigenous Students have been modified. As well, all scholarships are now open to students with a full or part-time course of study leading to a diploma or degree. The part-time course load option has been added as a result of a constitutional resolution.

The deadline for applications is Friday, July 7, 2023 at 9 pm EDT at which time the portal will close.

Entrants may apply to any or all scholarships that they are eligible for but only one award may be received. Due to the eligibility rules for the Young Worker Scholarships, applicants may re-apply providing they have not previously won this scholarship, they are still in school, and are under the age of 31.

All scholarships come with an award of $2,500 and there are a total of 9 annual scholarships as follows:

  • Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Black Students
  • Scholarship for Indigenous Students
  • Scholarship for 2SLGBTQIA+ Students
  • Scholarship for Students of Colour
  • Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship
  • Tommy Douglas Scholarship
  • Young Worker Scholarship (2 awarded)

Lastly, we are using email and online tools, including the National Union Facebook page, to publicize our scholarships. We would ask that our Components widely share this information to ensure that your members who have children or grandchildren, foster children or foster grandchildren, eligible to enter, or members who themselves are eligible, are aware of the awards.

Any questions should be forwarded to Deb Sonego at

In solidarity,

Bert Blundon


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