Steward Profile: Toni Stewart- Local 267, NSCC

How long have you been a steward?
Two and a half years.

What made you want to become a steward?
I ran for Chief Steward (won by acclamation,) for two main reasons. First, I wanted to cement my relationship within the union itself, as I was having issues with my manager. It worked for me to do this. Second, many years ago, I was working as a Victim Services Team Lead for the Langley, BC, RCMP and I realized that standing up for members and being there to hear and empower them was very similar the skill set I developed when helping clients in my role. I find helping in this way to be fulfilling.

What issues do you typically deal with in your workplace as a Steward?
Bullying, harassment, re-classification, work tasks that are overlapped and out of the job description. Holiday, vacation, & wellness day issues in booking time. During the worst part of Covid, safety in the workplace issues

Have you faced any discrimination in the workplace by stepping forward to become a Steward?
Not that I am aware of.

What kind of skills has being a Steward given you?
The skills that I had from five years of being a Victim Services Team Lead, were reinforced and awakened with the training for being a steward. Listening, empathy, empowering, taking good notes, reaching out to our ERO for help when needed. The skills that have been taught in workshops by NSGEU and attending Labour School have been very helpful and informative, such as Domestic Abuse and the Workplace, issues within the trans-gendered community, going through case examples and role-playing have all helped.

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