Stories From the Frontlines of the Fight Against COVID-19

Dear member,

We are now three weeks into responding to COVID-19. Your dedication, commitment and tireless efforts to provide the support and services that Nova Scotians depend on is inspiring.

While you are busy doing your job, we are doing ours by advocating for the protection of your health and rights with your employers and government.

You are doing a great job keeping the union informed of the challenges and risks you are facing on the job. We are bringing these concerns back to your employer and government to ensure they are putting the proper policies, guidelines and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in place to protect you, your family and the people you care for.

To help your employers and government understand the challenges you are facing, we need to collect your experiences and personal stories. They need to hear first-hand stories of the risks you are taking on the frontlines to keep the health system functioning in this time of crisis.

We are asking all of you to submit your experiences and stories so we can help tell your story. If the situation continues, we will share your stories with the media to help bring attention to what you are dealing with each day. The union will ensure that your identity and personal information are protected.

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