Update on LPN Reclassification Efforts Questionnaire & Telephone Town Hall Meeting

Good afternoon,

Members of your Reclassification Committee and staff at the NSGEU have been working diligently for many months to try and achieve a reclassification for Licensed Practical Nurses of Local 101 (formerly Local 97). (For more background on the work your Reclassification Committee has done to this point, please click here.)

We are holding an important telephone town hall meeting to discuss our reclassification efforts on Thursday, September 3rd at 7 p.m.

Participating in a telephone town hall meeting is easy. We will call you between 7:00 and 7:05 p.m. on Thursday. During the call, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments. The meeting call will last about 90 minutes, but you can leave at any time simply by hanging up. If you do not think we have a current phone number for you on file, please contact us by calling 902-424-4063 (toll-free 1-877-556-7438) to update your contact information.

We need your help!

As a result of our recent arbitration session with Arbitrator Bruce Outhouse, we must obtain more examples of how the duties and/or responsibilities of the LPN position have changed and the effective date of these changes. As such, the NSGEU and the Reclassification Committee are collecting additional supporting documentation from the nursing units.

Click here to download a questionnaire designed by the committee to gather necessary information requested by the Employer in our ongoing pursuit of our reclassification. You can complete the questionnaire as an individual, or as a unit with your coworkers, and send it back with any relevant documentation to the NSGEU via fax (902-424-4832) Attn: LPN Reclass Committee.

Our success depends on everyone’s participation!

Please forward this information to any LPNs in your workplace that do not have access to email, and make every effort to participate in Thursday’s call. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this very important project.

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