2014 Fine Arts/Amateur Sports Awards Recipients

The following people have been selected as recipients of the NSGEU’s 2014 Fine Arts/Amateur Sports Awards:

Fine Arts Award Recipients:

  • Caitlin Benoit (Cindy Benoit, Local 97)
  • Julian Munroe (Joann Munroe, Local 93)
  • Connor Cornick (Patricia Cornick, Local 80A)
  • Noah Van Nostrand (Andrea Cutliffe, Local 73)

Amateur Sports Award Recipients:

  • Jessica Van Nostrand (Andrea Cutliffe, Local 73)
  • Devon Bode (Tracey Bode, Local 89)
  • Christian Cameron (Donald Cameron, Local 3)
  • Kayleigh Butler, Local 246
  • Jena Lee Dunn (Kim Dunn, Local 71B)
  • Noah Laing (Trent Laing, Local 42)
  • Madison Faulkner, Local 55
  • Lucas Hartling (Carrie Campbell, Local 81)
  • Paige Henderson (Kim Henderson, Local 78B)
  • Allyson Henderson (Kim Henderson, Local 78B)
  • Cindy Miller, Local 77

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