Construction Update: NSGEU Building Nears Completion!

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Drywalling has started throughout the building, moving from the 1st floor to 3rd floor. Our spray insulation is now being completed on all exterior walls and ceilings, and early testing shows extremely well-sealed and highly effectively insulated areas.

Electricians continue installing all internal power and lighting wiring, and ductwork, plumbing and mechanical work is also being completed throughout the building. Due to the weather warming up early, site development hsa started, and grading will soon be completed and ready for paving! After this, curb and sidewalk prep will soon begin.

We have been proud to successfully have nearly all construction and labour for our new NSGEU building completed by fellow Nova Scotian unionized brothers and sisters! Many of their respective unions are fellow members with NSGEU in the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour and many are also members of the Mainland Nova Scotia Building and Construction Trades Council. We are very pleased that they have been major contributors to the foundation, construction and, soon, the completion of our new building, which will enable NSGEU to more effectively service it’s membership as we move forward!

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