Local 59 – Important Information

It has come to the unions attention that staff have and are currently being disciplined if they call in sick and do not have enough sick credits to cover their contracted hours.

The union views this as a violation of the members’ rights under the collective agreement and is prepared to review each case on its own merits, and then if necessary, file a grievance.

A grievance can be filed for any member who would have received discipline in the past 15 working days and on a go-forward basis.

If you have been disciplined in the past 15 working days for calling in sick and not having enough sick credits to cover your contracted hours, please contact the NSGEU at 424-4063 or by emailing inquiry@nsgeu.ca as soon as possible.

If it is past the 15 working days it is too late to file a grievance.

Thank you for your attention to this matter

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