LPNs & RNs of Local 42 & 97 Thank You!

This week is nurses’ week (May 12th to 18th), when we take time to appreciate the valuable work you do, providing vital care to all Nova Scotians.

This year, we would like to extend a very special thank you for joining your Sisters and Brothers at this very difficult time, and standing up for your right to advocate on behalf of your patients! While working conditions at CDHA are certainly substandard, the care you are delivering under these circumstances is remarkable.

Despite this government’s best efforts to divide unions in this province, we are determined to continue fighting for all of our members. The NSGEU has a great deal of appreciation for the care you provide, as well as the support, strength and determination you showed on the picket line, and while speaking out at Law Amendments and in the media.

The NSGEU is committed to standing with you to achieve improved working conditions for nurses and patients! Thank you for the valuable work that you do.

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