Moving Day Rally: Chase the Joker with McNeil’s Movers


What: Chase the Ace/Joker Event

Where: Inverness, Cape Breton

Date: Saturday, October 3, 2015

Time: 10 a.m. to 5p.m.

Members of the NSGEU, along with 1st Vice President Jason MacLean, will be holding a “Chase the Joker” event at Chase the Ace this Saturday. We’ll be on-site with our moving truck, giving out prizes, and playing games with a special, custom deck of cards.

This McNeil’s Movers’ Moving Day Rally has been organized to raise awareness of the McNeil government’s plans to cut and privatize our provincial public services and to illustrate that these plans will only drive more Nova Scotians out of the province.

“The McNeil government is continuing to move ahead with the privatization of our public registries,” said MacLean, “Our members who work for these registries provide quality public services to Nova Scotians and in return, these services provide millions to the province in revenue.”

When government privatizes those services, it hands over its responsibility for ensuring they remain as high quality, accessible public services. Corporations answer first to their shareholders who will drive up profits by reducing services, cutting corners, lowering pay and benefits, or laying off workers altogether. The public ends up paying more for services through rate hikes, user fees and extra charges; not to mention a possible raise in taxes due to loss of revenue from giving public services away. Instead of revenue being reinvested in community services and local economies, profits are taken out of Nova Scotia, along with the jobs they could have supported. Smaller communities pay the heaviest price. Service cuts, job losses, and less money for local businesses hit them hardest.

NSGEU 1st Vice President Jason MacLean will be in attendance and available for interviews. For more information about our McNeil’s Movers campaign, which was launched on September 7th, and to view our television ad, visit


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