Thinking of our Sisters and Brothers in Fort McMurray

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union represent 30,000 Nova Scotians across this province and we all have friends, families and loved ones in Fort McMurray.

Like most of you, I have been watching the coverage and seeing the events unfold as families are forced to flee their homes with just whatever they were able to grab as they ran out the door.  The stories are absolutely frightening, but also show the courage we all share as Canadians as emergency responders fight to control the blaze and people come together to help each other – much Like our own members who stand ready to protect Nova Scotians in similar situations.

The situation is still unfolding and it will likely be a while before things return to normal. I hope all your friends, families and loved ones have made their way to safety, and let’s all try to help out any way we can.



Jason MacLean

1st Vice President, NSGEU


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