2019/2020 Provincial Budget “Epic Disappointment”

Premier Stephen McNeil has once again delivered a budget that is pennywise, but pound foolish, as his government fails, once again to invest in essential resources to support our frontline healthcare workers and social workers.

“This budget is an epic disappointment,” said NSGEU President Jason MacLean.

“This government has tunnel vision, and is only able to focus on one thing: balancing the budget. They don’t seem to care that sick, injured and vulnerable Nova Scotians are suffering as a result.”

While they re-announced a few new seats to train doctors at Dalhousie, today’s budget announcement simply repeated funding promises that have already been made for infrastructure for facilities and long-term care beds in Cape Breton.

“All of these commitments are meaningless, as they don’t offer any tangible relief for frontline workers or patients when they are really needed – today,” said MacLean.

This budget also failed to include any new funding to hire additional social workers: “Our Child Welfare social workers are drowning in paperwork, and have been screaming for government to throw them a lifeline,” said MacLean,

“Yet again, their cries for help have been ignored by Premier McNeil.”

The NSGEU is inviting all Nova Scotians who want to see the government make frontline health care and other important social services a priority to attend a rally on Wednesday, April 3rd from noon to 2p.m. at the legislature.

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