Local 88 Voluntary Layoff Program

Hello Local 88,

Our Employer sent out an email yesterday regarding a voluntary layoff program. I am sure everyone has lots of questions. There is a Microsoft Teams meeting that was mentioned in that email where you can find additional info. Also don’t hesitate to contact HR directly. I am also available and can be reached either by email at dbekkers@stfx.ca or by phone at 902-870-5358.

Some background info on this voluntary layoff offer. The Employer reached out to the Union to help come up with some creative solutions on how to handle their planned staffing reductions. This voluntary program is a way for people to have some confidence that your job will be still there after a temporary layoff. This is different than our usual layoff provisions in the collective agreement under Article 14 and required a separate Memorandum of Understanding in order to be put in place. Let me stress that this offer is voluntary. However, in the case that there are still layoffs to be done of an involuntary nature later on then the usual collective agreement provisions would apply.

Usually there would not be a separate program such as this but in these extreme circumstances the Union was in agreement that this type of temporary layoff may be beneficial to some members and due to the voluntary/optional nature we were not opposed to it being offered.


Derek Bekkers

NSGEU – Local 88 President

Office# 902-867-4511

Mobile# 902-870-5358


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