New NSGEU leadership and staff

Dustin Rioux, moved into the 2nd Vice President position due to Kelly Murphy’s successful candidacy as an NSGEU Employee Relations Officer.  Dustin is a Deputy Sheriff and a member of Local 3 who lives and works in the Truro area. He has been active in the union since 2008 and has been both a Chief Steward and President of Local 3.

Sandra Mullen was elected by the Board of Directors as 3rd Vice President to fill the vacancy left as Dustin Rioux moved into the 2nd VP position. Sandra lives and works in the South Shore and Valley regions. She is Vice President of Local 16, and a Licensing Officer in Community Services.  She has been active in the union for over 12 years and a member of the Board of Directors for the past two terms.

Robin MacLean is our new Executive Director. She replaces Keiren Tompkins who recently retired. Robin has been with the NSGEU since 1999 where she began as an Employee Relations Officer. She has also held the positions of Servicing Coordinator, and most recently been the Director of Negotiations and Servicing.  Prior to joining the staff she worked for the Workers’ Compensation Board, Local 55. She has a background in law.

Grant Vaughan is our new Director of Negotiations for Government and Education. Grant has worked for the NSGEU since 1997. Prior to this, he was a Tax Auditor with the Provincial Tax Commission and the President of Local 6. He has also been a union trustee of the Public Service LTD fund since 1995. Grant was the Servicing Coordinator for Civil Service, a position he held for three years.

Joe Edwards is our new General Assistant. Prior to coming to the NSGEU, he worked as a cleaner at Capital Health for four and a half years. We’re glad to have his expertise here at the office.

Kelly Murphy is a new Employee Relations Officer currently serving our group home sector. She has been a union activist since her local, Metro Community Living, unionized in 2004. She was 2nd Vice President on the Provincial Executive prior to being hired. She has been a Community Residential Worker for 14 years and brings her wealth of experience to her servicing assignment.

Pam Watts has been hired in a temporary Labour Resource Centre position. Pam is a member of Local 29 – VON and has been a Scheduler/Customer Service Associate for the past eight years.

Dave MacKenzie is our Information Analyst. Dave has a strong background in strategic policy, research, and information analysis. His last positions were with the private sector and government.

Jo-Ann Bailey is our new Servicing Coordinator for health care. She began her career at the NSGEU in 2005 as a researcher but after a year, became an Employee Relations Officer. Prior to working at the NSGEU she worked at the NSAHO as a researcher for 18 years.

Rick Wiseman is a new Employee Relations Officer. His background is in the group home sector where he was a Residential Counselor and member of Local 64, Colchester Residential Services Society, for eight years. He is a union activist and before being hired as staff, had held the positions of Local President and 3rd Vice President of the provincial executive.

Darryl Warren has been hired as a new Employee Relations Officer. He was formerly a member of the Board of Directors and President of his Local 77 –Dalhousie Staff Association. At Dal, he was a Malware Technologist and worked there for 15 years. He has been active in the NSGEU since 2003.

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