NSGEU Calls on Premier to allow public sector workers, who can, to work from home.

With continuing community spread in Nova Scotia, NSGEU President Jason MacLean wrote Premier Rankin, today May 5, 2021, encouraging him to follow his own advice and allow all public sector workers who can, to work from home.

“Since the beginning of COVID-19’s third wave in Nova Scotia, almost every COVID
briefing has included a plea that people should be working from home if they can,” said Jason MacLean.

The problem is that during this circuit breaker emergency, there are numerous public sector workers who could be doing their jobs from home but are being required by their
managers to report to their workplace every day. Many of these same workers
successfully carried out their duties from home during COVID-19’s first wave in Nova
Scotia last year.

“Nova Scotia needs everyone to stay home as much as possible to stop this third wave. I urge you to continue to encourage everyone who can work from home to work from home. As well, it’s time to formally issue a work-from-home order to every provincial employee who is able to work from home,” said MacLean

You can find a copy of the letter here.

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