Most Nova Scotians agree that our public schools are the heart and hub of our communities. Public schools are much more than a place of learning. It’s a safe space that supports diversity, inclusion, community spirit and social opportunities.

Families depend on public school support staff and understand the critical link they play for children who need some extra help to make the most of their learning experience. Our members work with our youngest learners in pre-primary, support administration in our school offices, work in school libraries, provide assistive technology supports, and offer individualized programming through APSEA. During last year’s strike the public saw and heard first hand from families who were without these supports and in many cases could not attend school at all without the help of school support staff.

Today, we recognize the amazing work our school support members do for all children and their families in our public schools.

Without their dedication and commitment to working in our schools there would be a population of children and families who would not get the quality education they deserve. Please take a moment today to share the NSGEU social media post and support these caring and important people.

Our schools and the future of our children are brighter because of what you do.

The NSGEU has worked hard on their behalf to secure a contract that delivers better wage parity. However, the union’s work is not done. Making sure our members are safe at work continues to be a priority and along with our colleagues at the Teachers Union we will be strongly advocating for better supports in our schools.

The union and all its over 35,000 members are proud of your work.

In solidarity,

Sandra Mullen
NSGEU President

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