May Day Events and Information

The place to go for May Day events this year is the Mayworks Festival Website! Mayworks is an initiative of the Halifax-Darmouth & District Labour Council of which we are affiliate members thro[...]

MEDIA RELEASE: NSGEU Acting President Applauds Decision to Keep Registries Public

Acting NSGEU President Jason MacLean is today giving credit to the Nova Scotia government for its decision to keep our land, motor vehicle and business registries public. “We are extremely pleased [...]

Home Support Locals Bargaining Update

Home Support Locals Bargaining Update Dear member, In the Fall of 2015, NSGEU held a home support bargaining strategy session, which was attended by your home support bargaining and essential ser[...]

MEDIA RELEASE: Government Backtracks on Safety Commitments at Courthouses

The safety of Nova Scotians and courthouse staff is being jeopardized, as our Provincial government backtracks on commitments to improve courthouse safety, all the while sparing no expense implementin[...]

Civil Service Bargaining Update: Relief Memorandum of Agreement Signed

In late October 2015, the union and your employer agreed to defer negotiation of the Relief Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to a subcommittee. This particular MOA is an agreement between the employer[...]

Civil Service Bargaining Update: Status of Vote

Since late January, the union has been working diligently to ensure members of the Civil Service are aware of what has taken place during this round of collective bargaining. Unfortunately, the govern[...]

Local 50 Sherbrooke Village Update on Pension Plan

Dear member, On Wednesday, March 23rd, representatives from the union and legal counsel met with the Pension Service Corporation and representatives from the Department of Communities, Culture and [...]

Steps for Life Walk – Sat. April 30, 2016

Support families of workplace tragedy in the Steps for Life Walk – Sat. April 30, 2016 You can support families of workplace tragedy by donating to Threads of Life or, participating in the walk, sp[...]