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Memorandum of Agreement regarding new Deputy Sheriff 1 Classification

  Notice for Deputy Sheriffs On January 17 the Employer informed the Union that further to Article 43.01 of the Master Agreement they were establishing a new classification of Deputy Sheriff 1 (DS1) which would be responsible only for providing security to all levels of court, and for the timely, safe, and efficient escort of […]

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Civil Service Bargaining Update: New Conciliation Dates Scheduled April 19 & 20

Dear Civil Service members, In late February, your Employer informed your Bargaining Committee and the Conciliation Officer that they are no longer available to meet for conciliation in March due to committee availability. They have suggested that we reschedule for April, and we have now agreed on April 19th and 20th for conciliation. When parties […]

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Conciliation Dates Cancelled by Employer New Dates Being Scheduled in April

Dear Civil Service members, Yesterday the Employer informed your Bargaining Committee and the Conciliation Officer that they are no longer available to meet for conciliation in March due to committee availability. They have suggested that we look into finding a block of time in April and we have agreed and are in the process of […]

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NSGEU Civil Service Vote Professional (PR) Bargaining Unit Telephone Town Hall Meeting

WHAT: Civil Service Vote – Telephone Town Hall Information Session WHEN: Wednesday, December 7, 2016 TIME: 7:30 p.m. A vote has been called for the Civil Service: Dec. 12 – 14. Members will be voting on whether to accept or reject the employer’s final offer. Your Bargaining Committee is recommending a “No” vote. We are […]

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Civil Service Bargaining Update: Relief Memorandum of Agreement Signed

In late October 2015, the union and your employer agreed to defer negotiation of the Relief Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to a subcommittee. This particular MOA is an agreement between the employer and union that outlines what qualifies as relief work, how these workers are scheduled, and what benefits they qualify for. In certain sectors […]

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Civil Service Bargaining Update: Status of Vote

Since late January, the union has been working diligently to ensure members of the Civil Service are aware of what has taken place during this round of collective bargaining. Unfortunately, the government’s Bill 148 (the Public Service Sustainability Act) has caused a significant delay in the bargaining process, forcing us to hold meetings throughout the […]

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Local 480A Announces a New Interim Sub-Local President

Dear members of Local 480A working at NorthEast, Matt Rehill has been named interim sub-local president due to a resignation. His email is: You can contact Matt if you have any questions or concerns about the union, or you can contact the NSGEU Resource Centre by email at, by phone at 902-424-4063, or toll-free at […]

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Civil Service: Bargaining Committee Recommending REJECTION of Final Offer

Good afternoon, As a result of the government’s passage of Bill 148, and after meeting with and speaking to thousands of Civil Service members over the past weeks, your bargaining committee has decided to change their earlier recommendation to the membership: they are now recommending the membership REJECT the government’s final offer. Your Bargaining Unit […]

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Civil Service Bargaining Update

Good afternoon, Yesterday, thousands of teachers represented by the Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union voted to reject the tentative agreement that was recommended to them by their bargaining committee and leadership. This agreement was virtually identical to the agreement your bargaining committee grudgingly recommended to you: it contains the same wage patterns, and the discontinuance of […]

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Clarification regarding risks to job security provisions in the Civil Service tentative agreement

Attention: Civil Service members During our telephone town halls, we have heard some confusion about what members understand is at risk regarding job security in the tentative agreement. To be clear, your job security provisions as laid out in Article 37 of the collective agreement are not at risk whether this tentative agreement is accepted […]

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