Administrative Professionals of Acute Care Bargaining Update: Returning to the Table!

Thanks to the pressure we have exerted together over the past week, we have been called back to the table by the employers and conciliator for Wednesday, October 11th!

We need to keep that pressure up to ensure your employer and government return to the table prepared to offer you a better deal.

That means we need a strong show of support at our Day of Action on Monday! Whether you are able to join us at one of the 11 information pickets listed below, or plan to participate virtually, your voice is needed to send a clear message to your employer and government: Health Administrative Professionals and not worth less!

Remember to wear red! We understand some of you have even had special shirts made for the day – we can’t wait to see the sea of red outside of these picket sites! We have also had some shirts made and will be distributing a limited number of them at the sites, along with stickers, buttons and flyers. We will have ready-made picket signs available at each site, as well, but feel free to bring your own, if you prefer.

You are welcome to invite your friends, family members and coworkers to join you for this event. It is important to note that this is not a walkout (that would be considering job/strike action). Rather, we planned this rally over an extended lunch hour so you can come join us on your break and voice your anger over how you’ve been treated during this round of bargaining.

As a reminder, here are our picket sites:

  • Halifax, University Avenue (in front of the Dickson entrance)
  • Dartmouth, Dartmouth General Hospital
  • Cape Breton, Cape Breton Regional Hospital
  • Truro, Colchester East Hants Health Centre
  • Windsor, Hants Community Hospital
  • Kentville, Valley Regional Hospital
  • Bridgewater, South Shore Regional Hospital
  • Yarmouth, Yarmouth Regional Hospital
  • Antigonish, St. Martha’s Regional Hospital
  • New Glasgow, Aberdeen Hospital
  • Amherst, Cumberland Colchester Hospital

We have also continued to receive media attention as the week has unfolded. Here is some of the more recent coverage:

The Laker: Health Admin ready to walk, employer continues to drag feet on essential services

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