Health Administrative Professionals: Message from President Mullen

I am sending this note to let members of the NSGEU Administrative Professional Bargaining Unit know that at NSGEU my staff and I hear your anger and frustration, and we share your anger and frustration.

We are deeply disappointed by the employer’s approach to essential services and bargaining for your group, in general. This government and your employers certainly don’t think nurses are worth less than their counterparts in the rest of Atlantic Canada – so why do they think you are? It is clear to us that government has prioritized higher paid occupations within the health care sector and are ignoring you.

At the same time as we have been trying to navigate the essential services situation, the unions have been pushing since August to get the employers to return to the bargaining table. So far, the employers have failed to provide dates to return to the table.

This summer the unions prepared a number of initiatives while we tried to secure new bargaining dates and deal with essential services. We are now about to launch those actions over the coming weeks. Please stay tuned for more information, and ways you can participate.

In solidarity,

Sandra Mullen
President, NSGEU

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