Health Care Bargaining Video Campaign Launches

Yesterday (June 3), in support of your committee’s efforts at the bargaining table, the Health Care Council of Unions launched the first in a series of 10 videos (you can watch it here:

These videos depict members of the Health Care bargaining unit talking about the work they do, and the challenges they are facing in the workplace, largely due to staffing shortages. Our hope is that the campaign will help raise the public’s awareness of the diversity of this bargaining unit, which is one that includes over 174 different occupations, and the importance of the work you do each and every day to keep Nova Scotians healthy and safe.

The videos will be posted daily (on week days) to the NSGEU’s YouTube, Instagram and Facebook accounts, so please follow us on those platforms, keep an eye out for these videos, and like and share them!

Thank you to the members who agreed to participate in this important campaign, and to all members of the bargaining unit for your ongoing support and solidarity during this round of bargaining.

Local 195 Uta Berthold-Brush,

Local 100 Veronica Drake,

Local 100 Bria MacDonald,

Local 100 Shaun Naugle,

Local 122 Peter Perry,

Local 122 Natalie Steele Quinn,

Lead Negotiator Lynette Johnson,

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