Locals 70, 73, & 74: Bargaining Update – Education Compensation Alignment

The first mediation/arbitration session took place on July 7, 2023 with arbitrator Karen Hollett. It was a productive meeting and we were able to deal with some preliminary matters relating to the compensation alignment process.

Representatives from the Union, AVRCE, SSRCE, TCRCE, Department of Education, and the Nova Scotia Education Common Service Bureau have been meeting on a weekly basis to share information on the total compensation factors for each classification that is subject to the process. We continue to gather and verify all related compensation information, including appropriate comparator classifications across all Centers for Education, provincially. Any identified disputes related to comparator classifications and aligned rates will heard by the arbitrator on July 28.

Thank you once again for your patience while we work towards achieving total compensation alignment across the Public Education sector.

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