Labour Resource Centre Review – Activist Survey – Complete the survey and be entered to win an NSGEU jacket!

The NSGEU Labour Resource Centre (LRC) opened on April 1, 2004 with the overall objective of building the NSGEU’s capacity to be a relevant and effective resource for our members.

We are now in the process of conducting an in-depth review of the LRC, its operations, and the ways in which we can enhance the services for our members.

Through this survey, we are seeking your input to identify the ways in which you interact with the LRC, how it helps you to fulfil your role as an NSGEU activist, and your suggestions for improvements that could be made to the role that the LRC plays in servicing our membership.

As an NSGEU activist, you are being invited to complete this survey online.  Please see the following link to complete the survey:  The survey will be available online until May 24, 2013 (inclusive).

Your input and ideas are crucial to making this review as successful and relevant to your needs as possible.

 All members who complete this survey and provide their name will be entered into a draw for an NSGEU jacket!

 If you have any questions or wish to discuss this survey and the review of the LRC, please contact Mike Conrad in the LRC at 424-4063, toll free at 1-877-556-7438  (1-877-55NSGEU), or by email at



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