PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY: Nova Scotia Liberal Party’s Annual General Meeting 2016

We are encouraging NSGEU members to attend upcoming rallies being held during the Nova Scotia Liberal Party’s Annual General Meeting, which is taking place from April 1 to 3, 2016 at the Westin hotel in Halifax:

Here are some additional details, which are found on the organizers’ Facebook event page:

“This weekend, the Nova Scotia Liberal Party will be hosting their AGM from Friday the first to Sunday the third at the Westin Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We will be assembling across the street in Cornwallis Park to raise our voices as one against a government that many feel has betrayed its province, its people and its own party.

Whether you are an out of work film worker, a unionized worker feeling the pinch of out dated austerity methods, a senior citizen whose medicare was threatened, or a concerned citizen, please come join us in a peaceful assembly as we rally our voices together and let our government know that we will not stand idly by as our young are driven away, our elderly are compromised and our futures sacrificed by a government that seems to only want to serve themselves and not the people of this province.

The peaceful assembly will start at 5pm on Friday and continue into Sunday.
FRIDAY, APRIL 1st from 5-7PM and

Please tell your friends and neighbours and let’s utilize our rights as citizens to voice our concerns in this public forum.”

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