Raise Your Voice for Free Collective Bargaining

Take a stand and raise your voice for free collective bargaining!

The Legislature is scheduled to begin sitting at 8pm TODAY, Tuesday evening, for the First Reading of Stephen McNeil’s Bill, Teachers Professional Agreement and Classroom Improvement (2017) Act, which imposes a contract on members of the NSTU including a wage pattern and the end of the Long Service Award.

This legislation has wide-ranging implications for all public sector workers in Nova Scotia, not just teachers, and we are encouraging all NSGEU members to stand up against McNeil’s attack on your collective bargaining rights.

You have a right to a freely negotiated contract. Now is the time to raise your voices!


There are specific things that you can do to fight against this unconstitutional attack on collective bargaining.

RALLY TUESDAY February 14th at 7:30PM – organized by the “Students For Teachers” group.

RALLY THURSDAY February 16th at 5:00PM – organized by The Nova Scotia Federation of Labour.

PRESENT AT LAW AMENDMENTS: You can also sign up to speak at Law Amendments against this legislation. You can learn more about presenting here. You must contact the Legislative Council Office to get on the list. Phone: Tel: (902) 424-8941, Fax: (902) 424-0547, Email: Legc.office@novascotia.ca.

CONTACT YOUR MLA: You can send an email or call your Local MLA expressing your objections to the imposition of a contract on workers who have rejected it democratically. You can find contact information for them here. The more pressure government feels, the better.

Please spread the word about these rallies and make every effort to attend. This dictatorial approach to collective bargaining will not stop with the teachers but will continue to be used as a hammer for all negotiations to come.

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