Attention NSGEU Members: Local 73-Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education will be on strike Monday, October 24th

As of 8 a.m. on Monday October 24th your fellow NSGEU members in Local 73 – Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education will be on STRIKE.

Local 73 members are asking for very reasonable wage increases that would see the lowest-paid workers be brought up to close to a living wage and for fairness.

People doing the same work should be paid the same, no matter where they live or work. It just makes sense.

AVRC and government are refusing to address the issues causing severe shortages in the sector, school support workers are being forced to strike – to ensure they can be there to support schools and classrooms in the future.

We need to support our school support workers, without them schools and classrooms just can’t work

Please watch your emails and NSGEU social media for opportunities to support your fellow NSGEU members.

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