Local 43-Canadian Blood Service: On-Call Remote Compensation

Yesterday, the NSGEU negotiated a solution to an on-call problem you’ve likely all been experiencing for too long.

Before today, every time you performed remote work while working an on-call shift, CBS refused to pay you appropriately: CBS has only been paying Local 43 members roughly 10 per cent of your regular hourly rate for remote, on-call work.

That practice was unfair and needed to change.

Starting today, you’ll be paid at least one hour’s pay for every call you receive while on-duty and working remotely.

If it takes longer to complete remote work resulting from a call, you’ll be paid appropriately for that additional time. Moreover, if you receive more than one call per on-call shift and those calls are more than an hour apart, you’ll be paid an additional hour’s pay or more.

The new agreement negotiated yesterday does not replace or change how you’re compensated if you’re required to return to your worksite in Burnside because of a call while working an on-call shift.

We’re glad to finally have a solution to this unfair past practice. Regardless of how and when you work, CBS needs to pay you appropriately.

Please feel free to reach out your ERO, Brandon Rose, any time if you have questions. You can reach him by call 902-424-4063 or emailing inquiry@nsgeu.ca

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