April 10th to 16th is National Medical Laboratory week!

All Nova Scotians owe a great debt of gratitude to  medical laboratory professionals.  Medical Lab Professional’s work is key in diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions that impact thousands of Nova Scotians.

Medical Lab Professionals are a critical part of your health care team. Most of their work is done behind the scenes, but it has a significant impact on direct patient care.

In addition to all of this valuable work, these same workers are at the forefront in Nova Scotia’s battle with COVID-19 where they have processed hundreds of thousands of tests.

In recognition of this work the NSGEU had asked Nova Scotians to send “Love Letters for Lab Workers” and the response was overwhelming.  To check out the messages see https://nsgeu.ca/nsgeu_news/love-letters-for-lab-workers/23659/ .

So the NSGEU want to recognise and thank all Medical Lab Professionals for the work they do everyday keeping Nova Scotians healthy and for the key role they are playing in our continuing battle against COVID-19.

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