Arbitrator Appointed in Total Compensation Matter

Yesterday, NSGEU and the South Shore Regional Center for Education, the Tri-County Regional Center for Education and the Annapolis Valley Regional Center for Education agreed to the appointment of Karen Hollet as arbitrator in the total compensation matter.

This is a significant step towards resolving this important matter.  The appointment of Ms. Hollett is part of the process outlined in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) agreed to in the last round of bargaining.

Members of Locals 70-South Shore Regional Center for Education, Local 73-Annapolis Valley Regional Center for Education, and Local 74-Tri-County Regional Center for Education can contact the NSGEU to be sent a copy of their MOA.

While this is good news, there is still much to do, and the MOA states that all reasonable efforts must be made to complete the compensation alignment analysis by August 30, 2023. Once completed, employers will require several weeks to apply any pay adjustments resulting from this process.

This process will assess the hourly rate of pay for classifications within SSRCE, TCRCE and AVRCE, compared to similar comparator classifications across Nova Scotia’s eight education entities. This assessment is being done on a total compensation basis meaning hourly rates, vacation pay, pension and benefits must be considered when determining total compensation. All pay rates will then be brought into alignment with the highest rate of pay for the comparator classification in the province from a total compensation perspective.

Further updates will be sent as progress becomes available. In the meantime if you have questions please contact your ERO through the Resource Center at 902-424-4063.

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