Case Aides Classification Update

The union and your employer have reached an agreement in principle for Case Aide classification. This has been an exhausting process but we made great progress with the passion and determination of your Case Aide Leaders and Witnesses, Cheryll Cromwell, Lorelei Coombs, Tracey Penticost, Keri Duffney, Angela Gero, Holly Martin, Teri LeBlanc, Lisa Norman, Samantha Glavin, and the late Danielle Brauen.

This group was downgraded from TE 18 to TE10 without justification in 2017. Case Aide leaders and your Union fought and advocated for your group tirelessly since then.

There were significant hurdles throughout. We worked through a grievance, an appeal, and pushed against many challenges and delays along the way.

This past June these Case Aides were finally able to tell a Tribunal about the vital work they do every day with the most vulnerable children in this province. They nurture, teach and protect. After hearing their testimony, the Employer agreed that they are COUNSELLORS and that the TE 18 pay will be restored.

This is still a work in progress, we do not have a signed agreement yet. It is being actively worked on. So we cannot provide any details about the timing of pay grades or retro yet.

We will send out a further update next week when we hope to know more.

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