Details on Essential Health Care Worker Program

Good afternoon,

We understand that your employer sent out details about the Essential Health Care Worker Program today.

The program, which is a joint initiative of the Federal and Provincial government and is being administered by your employer, provides a bonus of up to a maximum of $2,000 to health care workers who have been on the frontline of our fight against COVID-19.

Their email provides greater details on the program, and most importantly, states that all employees must apply to receive the benefit NO LATER THAN AUGUST 19TH, 2020. You MUST apply for the program by filling out this form:

This is a short timeframe, so please make sure you apply in time, and that you tell your coworkers to do the same!

Any questions or concerns about this program should be directed to your employer at, as this program is NOT AN INITIATIVE OF THE NSGEU.

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