Important Message for Members in Post-Secondary Education Occupations

The NSGEU has joined an alliance of 19 unions and associations representing over 18,000 students, staff, and faculty, to demand that university administrators consider the implications of these plans on students, university staff, and faculty.

Like many other sectors, post-secondary institutions are struggling to keep up with the new normal created by COVID-19. No one is certain what the next semester will look like and post-secondary administrations are trying to plan for the future amid a multitude of unknowns.

In Nova Scotia, institutions of higher education are significant regional employers. They also bring, and will bring again, significant numbers of students into the province and continue to offer opportunities to strengthen our public institutions, provide graduates for a wide range of businesses and industries, advance the knowledge we need to protect public health and safety, and energize our economy.

Universities and colleges are already hard at work preparing for the fall term and the extra preparation time it will require. Fiscal uncertainty is undermining these efforts. Businesses are being given financial support to help them survive now and recover when the state of emergency is over. But no lifeline has been held out to Nova Scotia’s post-secondary institutions.

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