Important Message to Group Home Members from NSGEU President Jason MacLean

I would like to thank you for the skills, dedication and support you are providing to your clients during this unprecedented time.

I know you don’t get enough credit for the important work you do, so I wanted you to know, your work is appreciated and acknowledged. You work allows vulnerable Nova Scotians to live an enriched life in homes in their communities across the province.

Covid-19 has brought a new level of anxiety to an already challenging work environment. Changes to daily routines like the suspensions of programs and outings are very stressful for your clients and consequently for you. I know you worry about the health of your clients as well as your own families. It is a difficult time and I appreciate you being there to help support people through it.

I want you to know that you are not alone. If you have safety concerns at work or see ways your workplace health and safety could be improved, please let your manager and your union representative know and we will follow up.

We don’t think this pandemic will be short-lived and are advising members to make sure to implement habits through these next few months that are sustainable and build resiliency. In other words, try not to ‘burn out’. If you are feeling overwhelmed or overly stressed, you are not alone, and there are mental health resources that you can access through your benefit plan. For details of your plan, you should call your employer or the union and ask for your Employee Relations Officer, who may be able to help you.

Feel free to call the union with any questions you may have about your workplace rights during this time.

Thank you again for everything you do supporting vulnerable Nova Scotians in homes across the province during this time.


Jason MacLean

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