Information for Department of Community Service Employees: CLAIMING OVERTIME

Your Union has been hearing about some managers directing employees to “flex their time” instead of allowing employees to enter their overtime for pay or LIEU.

We want members to know that unless you have entered into a flexible arrangement with your employer (Article 18.02), the employer CANNOT direct you to take flex time in lieu of overtime.

Your collective agreement is clear that employees who work authorized overtime are entitled to compensation. Here is the specific article:

19.12 Form of Compensation

Compensation for overtime shall be paid except where, upon request of the employee, and with the approval of the employer, overtime may be granted in the form of time off in lieu of overtime hours worked.

If your employer is denying you the opportunity to submit overtime for pay or for LIEU, and you did not enter into a “flexible hours” arrangement with your employer, please contact your Employee Relations Officer. Your ERO can discuss options, including filing a grievance on the matter.

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