Kudos to the NDP and Finance Ministerfor standing firmly behind publicly owned liquor stores

In an article in the Herald today the Minister clearly stated “the government has no interest in privatization”. We couldn’t agree more, and congratulate this government for their clarity on this issue.

The employees of the NSLC deliver a quality service to Nova Scotians. They have a comprehensive system of checking I.D. that keeps liquor out of the hands of minors and provide value to the public with the quality of their service and assistance. Our members who work in the warehouse and those in administration behind the scenes keep the liquor moving and ensure schedules are met and bills paid, while NSLC managers ensure the service is delivered expertly and efficiently.

It’s about time we had a government that spoke up for this valuable public asset that provides Nova Scotians with quality service, employment opportunities and much needed revenue for the province.

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