Liberal Leadership Candidates Decline to Answer NSGEU Survey

On December 11, all candidates hoping to become the next Premier of Nova Scotia were sent a survey on behalf of the NSGEU’s Political Action Committee. While the leadership campaign is a Liberal Party of Nova Scotia process, it will impact all Nova Scotians as this new leader will be the Premier of Nova Scotia in February.

A cover letter and a copy of the survey was sent to Labi Kousoulis, Randy Delorey, and Iain Rankin. Each was asked to take the time to answer the questions to provide NSGEU members with examples of what could be expected from them if they were to become Premier. The survey consisted of 15 questions on issues important to NSGEU members and all Nova Scotians. To see a copy of the survey click here.

The candidates were asked to submit their answers by January 11.

None of the candidates completed the survey with only Randy Delorey providing a reply stating he is “focused on engaging with the members of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party,” and “if I am fortunate enough to receive the confidence of those party members and become the next Premier, I will be meeting with stakeholders to discuss how we can work together toward our common goals.”

It is disappointing that, while one of these three men will become Premier of all Nova Scotians, the entirety of their campaign focussed solely on Liberal delegates, some of which are NSGEU members.

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