Local 101 – LPNs, Former Capital District Health Authority Update on Reclassification Process

There have been continuous ongoing efforts to advance our reclassification efforts for Licensed Practical Nurses from the former Capital District Health Authority (CDHA). Meetings were held between the employer and two union staff on June 21 and July 22 to try and advance this reclassification effort. We also had to grieve the employer’s stance on the entire reclassification process. (For background on the reclassification efforts to-date, please visit /lpn-reclassification-update/)

Essentially, we have been busy working through the many objections that your employer has raised in response to this reclassification effort. The pace has been frustrating for all committee members, and we are sure many of the involved LPNs, as well.

However, we recently made some progress in actually getting to an assessment of the role, and your committee has been diligently working with potential witnesses and meeting with legal counsel. We had hoped to advance to a hearing in December, however the employer was not amenable to these dates, so our legal counsel is pursuing the scheduling with an Arbitrator.  If you are interested in being a witness in a future hearing, and you are comfortable discussing in detail how your role has evolved since 2011, please let your LPN Classification Committee know.

Tracey Fisk traceyfisk@hotmail.com

Trina Mauger  trinamauger@eastlink.ca

Joy Ward, Joy (Joy.Ward@nshealth.ca)

Roberta Banfield  (Roberta.Banfield@nshealth.ca)


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