Local 113 – Shady Oaks Residential Support Ltd Bargaining Update: Tentative Agreement Ratified

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday, January 5th, the local voted 100 per cent in favour of the tentative agreement.

The bargaining committee wishes to thank the local for their solidarity and support throughout this process, as it was vital in being able to achieve this agreement.

We are working to ensure that signing of the new contract happens as quickly as possible.

If local members have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the people listed below.

Bargaining Committee:

Melissa Marshall, frasermd95@hotmail.com

Jennifer Polley, jennifer-peers@hotmail.com

Kelly Ritcey, Chief Negotiator, kritcey@nsgeu.ca

(902)424-4063 / Toll-Free 1.877.556.7438

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